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Frequency Inverter
SDD360 High Performance Sensorless Vector Control Motor AC Drive
Power range: 2S 0.4 to 2.2kw, 4T 0.75 to 3.7kw.
Input voltage: Single phase 220V, 3 phase 380V 15%
Control mode: Sensorless vector control without PG, V/f control
Protection function: Provide up to 25 kinds fault protection, over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase missing, overload protection function
Cooling method: force cooling
Installation method: wall mount
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SDD360 high performance vector control mini frequency inverter is SENDA independently developed new generation general purpose electrical motor controller, which adopt the same software platform as same as AD800.
With a new generation of high-performance advanced vector control technology applying, high torque control even under low speed, high speed precision, quick torque response and high speed range are available for sophisticated motor control.
It is featured to have modular design, small size, small temperature rise, low noise, and reliable performance. It has built in simple PLC, PID adjusting, programmable input and output terminals function, RS458 terminals, multi function analog input and output function. ect.

Infineon iGBT module

SDD360 Sensorless Vector Control Inverter

Products dimension

Products features:
SDD360 inverter has the same software and same operation manual as SDD860.
Only the size and I/O layout is difference.

*SDD860 sensorless vector control inverter cant performance close loop vector control because there are no PG connector.

Wiring diagram
It has 5 digital input, DI5 can use for high pulse train inut.
2 analog signal input,
1 analog output and
1 relay output.
Terminals diagram:

Wiring diagram.

SDD360 frequency inverter application examples.

1. Food processing machinery
Bakery equipment, confectionary equipment, tea-making machine, noodle-making machines, candy-wrapping machines, rice/barely milling machines, flour milling machines, food mixers, food slicers, fruit sorting machines, etc.
You can set the operating frequency according to the required work rate.
Run and Stop keys.
Ensures safety in the event of an instantaneous power failure.
Low noise
High torque from startup to the rated speed.

2. Conveyance machinery
Conveyors, automatic warehousing systems etc. Prevent the collapse of cargo on the conveyor.
The SDD160/SDD360 allow you to mitigate the shocks caused in starting and stopping a conveyor and change the acceleration /deceleration rates according to the conveyor characteristics and its applications.
The SDD160/SDD360 can slow down a high Cinertia machine in a short period of time without causing an overvoltage trip by increasing the energy consumed by the motor.
The SDD160/SDD360 can turn on and off the braking circuitry in accordance with the inverter operating status.
It offers vector control and automatic torque boost control modes to achieve strong, stable torque from the start of a motor to the rated speed.

3. Fans & pumps
Built in fans- pumps in industrial machines, water supply and sewage systems, driers, etc.
Energy-saving mode
The variable torque and automatic energy saving modes help saving energy by passing optimal current in accordance with the load.
Automatic process control
Allows a motor to keep running and accelerate smoothly upon the recovery of power even in the event of instantaneous power failure.
Enable an uninterrupted operation without causing a trip.

4 Health, medical and nursing care equipment.
Stair lifts, nursing bed, bubble baths, health care equipment, medical equipment
5. Environment and daily-life-related machinery
Commercial ironing boards, car washing machines, Garbage disposers, dust collectors, Dries, etc.
6. Packing machinery.
Inner packaging machine, packing machines, output packing machines, membrane packing machines


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