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Solar Pump Inverter
SDD660 series solar pump inverter
** MPPT with 99% high efficiency
** Driving for AC induction motor or PMSM
** GPRS remote monitoring and control
** Long service life working and long warranty
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1. Features of Solar pump inverter.

Built-in MPPT
Maximum power point tracking functionality ensures that you get the most power output possible from your solar panel and maximizes the performance of your pump throughout the day

Built-in flow measurement and sensorless flow calculation. And easy to get how much energy Generated by this system with Generated energy and calculating

Pump specific protection
Motor phase short circuit, lowest frequency protection, maximum current setting.

advanced function
automatic start and stop of the inverter when there is enough power available. ( auto/manual) Remote monitoring
With the addition of optional GPRS modules you can monitor and configure inverter and application parameters from anywhere via Modbus RTU

Best off-grid solution
Where electricity is very erratic and unpredictable,farmers need not to depend on grid electricity for their
agricultural requirements

Multiple pump motors with a single inverter control Standard asynchronous motors as well as more efficient permanent magnet syn. motors. (PMSM)

Save in energy costs and maximize productivity
solar pump inverters ensure reliable power supply throughout the day with on and off-grid compatibility

Save environment
Harnessing the power of sun provides an environmentally friendly pumping without producing any CO2 emissions

Easy install and operation and little parameters Configuring.
End user ,who never used inverter before, can Install and operation it very well.

Reduce maintenance costs
The inverters can be equipped with remote monitoring options, reducing maintenance trips to the site

Reduce operational risk
Embedded pump-specific features such as dry run detection, Minimum power input protection Maximum current protection Minimum frequency running protection Flow and generated energy showing

2. Technical Specification

SDD660 solar pump inverter model list

SDD660 solar pump inverter nameplate

SDD600 solar pump inverter voltage range:

3. SDD600 Solar pump inverter--Hardware design

High cost performance and very strong practicability

Solar pump inverter developed based on SDD630 high performance vector control AC inverter with software MPPT and hardware updated.
The SDD630 vector control inverter is renowned for his excellent hardware deign and powerful software performance, long service life design.

Excellent hardware design .
Ti s 32 bit DSP ( 28034/35), Germany Infineon intelligent modules;
Enhanded and 4 layer PCB design PCB wire corssing
Low temperature rising design with delta fans
Good quality components selecting,
Independent cooling duct for lower temperature rising.

4. SDD600 Solar pump inverter--Software design

Software updated with MPPT design based on following solar inverter, ABB, Danfoss, Delta, Lorentz, INVT, VEICHI, SAJ.

Control mode: VF for induction motor pumps, open loop vector control for PMSM high speed pumps
MPPT function: always performance MPPT for gain highest efficiency
CVT: When sunlight is good, can select CVT control for excellent stable frequency output.
Dry run function: When little water or no water for pumping to protect pumps.
Maximum current protection: set maximum current protection is available
Minimum solar input power: When low power input, inverter no work
Stop frequency: Lower than stop frequency, inverter no work
Sleep mode: if lower than sleep voltage, inverter go to sleep, it will wake up when DC voltage rise.
Flow and generated energy calculating and monitoring
A lot of fault protection. Short circuit, ground short circuit, phase loss, over current, overheat
Built in RS485 interface, it is easy to connect GPRS remote controller.

We developed it base on ABB, Lorentz, Fuji, Danfoss , INVT and VEICHI---- That is why we are Good performance and better.

Solar pump control software developed
Based on SDD630 high performance
Vector control AC frequency inverter
Dual mode DC and AC input.

SDD660 solar drive developed based on SDD630 high performance vector control drive.
When it used for solar pump control, the PID and vector control cant work.

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